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There is little in life more stressful than being continuously harassed by co-workers or management, discriminated against due to your race, age or gender, or fired from your job without justification. When your life is turned upside down or made unbearable due to an employer’s action or inaction, you can take steps to put your life back together with the help of an experienced employment law attorney.

Even if challenging your employer in court seems intimidating, DeWitt Law, LLC, has the proven experience and determination to guide the way. Our lead attorney, Mike DeWitt, formerly represented employers in employment law cases – now, he fearlessly pursues justice on behalf of employees like you. Together we’ll make a stand for what’s right.

Practice Areas

Labor And Employment Litigation

We help employees when they’ve suffered wrongful termination, discrimination, employer retaliation, sexual harassment and more.

Commercial And Business Litigation

We help businesses with matters involving contract disputes, business dissolution, employment issues and franchise litigation.

One Of Ohio’s Premier Employment Law Firms

A Practice Built On Relationships

DeWitt Law, LLC, provides knowledgeable legal representation to Ohio employees who have been subjected to intolerable working conditions due to:

  • Discrimination under Title VII and state and city anti-discrimination laws
  • Employer retaliation against workers who speak up and assert their rights under the law
  • Sexual harassment that violates a person’s right to be safe and feel comfortable at work
  • Restrictive covenants that limit one’s ability to earn a living after termination or voluntary departure

Our fierce dedication to protecting the rights of employees translates to close and personalized attention to each case. Whether you are an executive, a middle manager, or perform clerical or blue-collar duties, we always strive to get the best possible results for you. We have the experience and desire to help you through this very difficult time in your life and achieve some level of justice.

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The Writing on the Wall: 10 Red Flags That May Signal Your Employer Is About to Terminate You and How You Can Preserve Your Rights.

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“Mike is a great man to work with. He was easy to get a hold of, always followed up to an email or a phone call and got done the things he said he would get done. He works hard for his clients and he gives great advice to help your case move the way you want it to.”

“Mike is experienced, smart, hardworking and ethical. I would hire him in a minute.”
Paul Aker

“I have a tricky employment case, and it simply NEEDS a true expert in the field. After a few mediocre consults with other firms in the area, Michael really stood out and showed me (right away!) that he was dependable. I did ultimately retain Mr. DeWitt and his firm to assist me in this matter, and I can say only good things. I am glad I gave him a call; you will be too!”

Experienced Ohio Employment Law Attorney

In today’s workplace, employees need help protecting their rights. For nearly 20 years, Mike DeWitt represented employers in employment matters. With this experience, DeWitt Law, LLC, is well-equipped to handle employment law cases, understand how employers evaluate these types of claims and represent employees from a position of strength.

In addition to representing employees, we also represent business clients in legal matters such as contract disputes, employment agreements, management disputes, fraud and misrepresentation, and trade secret protection. We are proud to provide our clients with experienced and exceptional legal representation in a wide range of employment and business law matters.

Our mission is to vindicate the rights of workers who have been treated unfairly and help businesses protect the integrity of their operations. Contact us today to learn more.