The DeWitt Difference:
Giving Your Case The Attention You Deserve

Your Partner In Business Law

As the founder of DeWitt Law, LLC, I have more than 20 years of experience representing business clients with a wide variety of legal issues and concerns. My name is Michael W. DeWitt, and I always have an eye toward timely and cost-efficient resolution. This includes partnering with clients on alternative fee arrangements. I have represented clients in numerous state and federal courts, before administrative agencies, and in arbitration and mediation. To learn more, read about my proven record of successful results.

Effective Resolution For Contract Disputes

It is not unusual for businesses to get involved in contract disputes with vendors, suppliers, franchisees and even clients. When this happens, it is essential that you minimize risk while protecting your assets.

At DeWitt Law, LLC, I have spent years successfully representing companies in business-to-business disputes. If another party fails to honor its end of an agreement or a claimant alleges that you breached your contract, I will advise you on your rights and options. Then, I will assist you during any negotiations or litigation that results.

I Partner With Business Valuation Professionals

Companies dissolve for many reasons. These cases can be complicated in terms of business valuation. At DeWitt Law, LLC, I have developed relationships with business attorneys, forensic accountants and similar professionals who can navigate these issues. If you and your partner(s) have decided to explore new options for your futures, then I can help you realize a fair and accurate return on your investment.

Navigating The Employer-Employee Relationship

I represent businesses in many aspects of the employer-employee relationship, including the negotiation and drafting of:

  • Employee handbooks
  • Employment agreements
  • Noncompete agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements

I will also assist you in resolving workplace disputes through negotiation, mediation and, if necessary, civil litigation. My approach is marked by my commitment to helping business owners maintain a positive work environment in which everyone’s rights are respected and protected, thereby minimizing litigation risk.

Do You Face Franchising Litigation?

Some companies that present themselves as franchisors take advantage of investors by misleading them, placing them in violation of certain franchise and contractual rights laws. If you have been the victim of fraudulent franchise and license sales, contact DeWitt Law, LLC, to review your available remedies. I will take swift and aggressive action to enforce your rights.

Contact Me For Your Initial Consultation

My business and commercial litigation clients rely on me for quality and trustworthy guidance. To learn more about how I can support and protect your business goals, contact DeWitt Law, LLC, today. Reach out to me online via email or call 614-762-9641.