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If you are looking for a workplace sexual harassment attorney in Columbus, Ohio, look no further than DeWitt Law, LLC. Experienced, driven and with a track record of results, we help you look into your legal options. To get started, here are a few frequently asked questions:

What is considered sexual harassment in the workplace?

Sexual harassment can be verbal (insults, unwanted jokes, lewd comments) or it can be physical (unwanted touching, etc). If you are being marginalized or treated differently because of your gender, it may be sexual harassment.

What if my employer retaliates against me and fires me for reporting sexual harassment?

It is illegal for your employer to retaliate against you for making the report. Retaliation could include being terminated, having your pay reduced, being taken off of the schedule, being denied a raise and much more.

Is it still considered sexual harassment if the other person is the same sex?

Yes. Harassers and victims can be of either sex, and the people involved do not have to be of the opposite sex for it to count as harassment.

How can I identify the different forms of sexual harassment in the workplace?

Quid pro quo sexual harassment is when you are offered an exchange, such as a promotion for sexual favors. A hostile work environment is when the harassment may seem minor but makes it harder to work, such as constantly having sexual jokes made at your expense. An experienced lawyer for sexual harassment at work can help you determine exactly what type of harassment you are facing.

Should I quit my job if I’m being sexually harassed?

Possibly, if you feel unsafe, but there can be negative ramifications. For instance, quitting means you don’t have time to gather any more evidence. It can also help your case if your boss retaliates and fires you, as opposed to if you quit.

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