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Your Age Shouldn’t Have A Bearing On Your Workplace Experience

Our society values youth above almost all else. It’s hard enough just getting older in this cultural climate without people treating you differently because of your age. Age discrimination is especially insidious in the workplace. It can create a demoralizing work environment, halt your career’s growth and even force you out of your job entirely. 

At DeWitt Law, LLC, we don’t stand for age-based discrimination. We help people in Columbus fight to be treated with dignity at work and enjoy successful careers regardless of age.

What Qualifies As Age Discrimination In The Workplace?

Age discrimination is when someone who is 40 or older receives unwelcome and offensive treatment at work. This treatment can be at the hands of someone in the victim’s workplace or outside of it, such as a customer.

Age discrimination can include not being considered for promotions, not getting hired, being excluded from training or projects, and even being terminated because of your age. It can also include harassment about your age through jokes, drawings, cartoons, symbols, gestures, or other verbal or physical acts.

I Was Demoted Or Asked To Resign Because Of My Age. Could I Have A Case?

Your employer taking adverse action against you solely because of your age could be grounds for age discrimination. If this has happened to you, talk to an employment law attorney right away. Evidence can help you build a strong case, so try to record meetings or retain emails related to discussions of your age and the actions your employer is taking against you.

Should I Report Jokes About My Age To HR?

Yes. Jokes about your age qualify as age-based harassment and discrimination. While one joke on its own may not be enough to warrant a lawsuit, it’s a good idea to document these incidents as they happen in case you’re able to take legal action in the future.

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