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Prevailing Wage Simplified

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2019 | Firm News

You’ve probably heard of minimum wage, but have you heard of the related employment law concept of prevailing wage? Prevailing wage is the rate that employees of contractors and vendors must be paid when working with a government agency.

Prevailing Wage in Ohio

In Ohio, prevailing wage laws apply to any public improvements that are being even partly paid for by public funds anytime the cost estimate of the project is at least $250,000 for new building construction or at least $75,000 for renovation, enlargement, repairs, etc. of buildings. For new construction involving roads, streets, alleys, sewers, and ditches, the threshold is around $91,000 and for reconstruction of the same, the threshold is about $27,000.

How Is Prevailing Wage Calculated?

The prevailing wage is intended to be an average wage for an employee in the area, so as not to disrupt the market. Prevailing wage is different for each type of job, from welders to bricklayers to plumbers. It is calculated by surveying employers in the area to find out how much they are paying these types of employees, then creating a weighted average.

What Is the Prevailing Wage Rate Here?

The prevailing wage rate differs by county and by job. In Franklin County, for example, prevailing wage for a bricklayer was $29.35/hour, $33.50/hour for an electrical worker, and $27.79/hour for a roofer as of 2019.

If I’m Working on A Project Where Prevailing Wage Is Required, Do I Get Any Benefits?

Yes. Your employer is required to provide you with fringe benefits, as well as overtime at 1.5 times your hourly wage any time you work over 40 hours in a week.

What if My Employer Did Not Pay Me Prevailing Wage on A Qualified Project?

If your employer is found to have intentionally violated prevailing wage law, they will be prohibited from contracting directly or indirectly with any public authority for the construction of public improvements in the future. They will also be responsible for paying you your missing wages.

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