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How Wrongful Termination Could Affect Your Mental Health

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2020 | Firm News

As an employee within a company, it is likely that you see yourself as a loyal and hardworking team player, and your competence at your job likely forms part of your identity. It is common for people to feel a sense of purpose through their employment, and much of their self-esteem can be derived from the role that they perform in the workplace.

Therefore, if an employee’s job is unexpectedly or suddenly terminated, this can have a huge impact on their life. Not only could they quickly find themselves in a financially unstable situation, but they may also be emotionally affected by the experience. If an employee was fired for an unfair, discriminatory, or otherwise unlawful reason, they may be able to take legal action and claim compensation for both financial damages and emotional distress. The following is an overview of some of the emotional damages that you may be able to claim damages for.

Emotional Distress Caused by Discrimination

If you believe that your employment was terminated for a discriminatory reason, this will have undoubtedly been very distressing for you. Depending on the exact situation, you may have experienced trauma or become extremely hurt by the occurrence, making you question how society in general views you. It is important that you seek support through therapy. You may be able to gain damages for the costs of therapy and the emotional distress itself.

Depression Caused by The Loss of Your Job

The sudden loss of a job could put you in a situation where you are worried about your finances and the future of your career while at the same time you feel that you have lost your sense of purpose and the confidence that your job gave you. You should make sure that you seek professional help if you suffer from any symptoms of depression.

If you are struggling emotionally after being terminated from your employment, explore your options for making a wrongful termination claim.